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A Man of his Word

“Standing on the Promises,” an old hymn most know by heart and sing a couple of Sundays out of the month. The kind of song that we often don’t even open our hymnals for, The words are routine and memorized within our minds. Yet, I wondered to myself one Sunday morning, when was the last time I read the lyrics or mediated on what God’s promises to me really were? Better yet, when suffering comes like waves, how could I stand on them in times when the best I could muster up was to lay on the floor and cry out his name in grief? Is there a manual for this? (Spoiler alert, there is!)

Want to know a secret? God is a man of his Word, and Hallelujah for that! Am I right?! The Bible is his living breathing Word he gave to us to navigate anything this old world throws at us. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! When he spoke “I will never leave you or forsake you.” He meant it. Throughout scripture, He promises to be near to your broken heart, to mend your weary soul and to carry your tired mind. He gently whispers in times of chaos... "Peace be still." So, be still Brother and pick your head up Sister." James 1 tells us to “count it all joy” when trials of various sorts come our way for it will produce endurance within our spiritual bodies. Want to know something better than that? Even if we struggle to find our joy in our present trial, He meets us right where we are when we call on his name. Rest in the shadow of the almighty, friend. God promises to take our burdens and carry them, no matter how heavy or how light they may be. Press into his presence, allow him to come in, to fill you with his peace and confidence in him. He is calling you back, lifting his hands commanding your storm to be still. If he said it, we believe it! He is a man of his WORD!

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